There are so many great OT blogs out there, and we love sharing posts from them. Today’s post is actually a guest post on the Therapy Fun Zone blog.

The guest post, written by an OT, is about pediatric constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT). The post opens with common misconceptions people have about CIMT and how some have said it “seems mean” to constrain a child’s good arm to make them use the other arm.

But, as the blogger says, the constraint is really a minor detail. The blog post details different ways that CIMT can be used with children and youth of a variety of ages and the benefits of it. It’s summed up nicely with this quote, “So, the question remains. To cast or not to cast? Depends on your life goals. Living one handed in a two handed world, or taking advantage of your full potential.”

Check out the post here, which includes a lot great occupational therapy in action photos.

If you are an occupational therapy practitioner who wants to learn more about pediatric CIMT, you should check out this new book by AOTA Press—Handbook of Pediatric Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT): A Guide for Occupational Therapy and Health Care Clinicians, Researchers, and Educators.

You’ll get a great historical look at CIMT as well as discussions about major research findings. The book also includes clinical applications and how to collaborate with families and other professionals. The book comes with a flash drive that has writable forms for documenting pediatric CIMT for clinical practice or research. Check out the book today in AOTA’s store.

Do you have any great pediatric CIMT resources to share? Tell us in the comments.

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