School is out. The summer heat is in. How do you keep kids cool and having fun, especially when children have sensory issues? I’ve gathered up some great summer fun articles and resources to answer that question. Get ready for Friday’s official start of summer with the following:

For many children, swimming is a great way to cool off during the summer months but children with sensory issues may have problems getting in and enjoying the pool. The Kansas City Star reported on a Kansas University occupational therapy program that helps teach children with autism how to swim. Accompanied with some great photos of OT in action, this article about the swimming program highlights the way occupational therapy can help all children participate in activities. 

Last summer, a feature article in OT Practice outlined how occupational therapy practitioners can help children with sensory processing disorder choose a sport such as swimming. The article provides several case examples as well as a resource table that separates sports by characteristics such as static, vestibular, and tactile. AOTA members can log in and read it here.

Finally if you’re looking for ideas for sensory play during summer, this list on the OT blog Your Kid’s Table is a great starting point. The blogger goes beyond the usual sensory summer play ideas (like sandboxes and swimming pools) and gives some easy ideas on encouraging outdoor sensory play. Read it here

Have you come across any great summer play ideas? Have tips for helping children with sensory issues enjoy the summer heat? Tell us in the comments.

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