When AOTA was approached by an app developer to try out and review their apps we decided to do something even better—we got a couple of AOTA members to try the apps out for us!

Your colleagues tested and reviewed three apps—Dexteria, LetterReflex, and P.O.V. Read the review of Dexteria here. Read the review of LetterReflex app here.

Below is the final review for the P.O.V. app, available in the iTunes store for Apple device for $2.99

Abbey Sipp, MOT, OTR/L is back for her second app review. She’s a pediatric OT working in North Carolina as the rehab team lead for Child and Family Development (they also have a blog here). She’s also a past participant in AOTA’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Abbey tested out the P.O.V. app for a few weeks and here’s what she thinks of it!

AOTA: Briefly describe the app.
Abbey: P.O.V. is a 2-part app that facilitates spatial relations training. The “Vantage Point” presents a front view of two or more shapes, then asks you, when looking at an aerial view, to select which of four “cameras” would show the image of the shapes as you were originally shown. The “Make A Scene” shows the player a front view of two or more shapes, then asks the player to move shapes around the play area to reproduce the pattern from a bird’s eye view.
AOTA: How would you use this app in the clinic?
Abbey: As a therapist in a pediatric outpatient therapy setting, I found no clients whose visual perceptual skills were high enough to successfully complete the game.
AOTA: What age group would this app be best for?
Abbey: I imagine that this app would be best for adults in a rehab setting or even typically developing adults who enjoy brain-teaser games.
AOTA: In what ways would you improve the app?
Abbey: If the creator’s goal was to create a challenging spatial relations game, then they succeeded. They should develop a simpler visual perceptual app for use in pediatric settings.

AOTA: Would you recommend that occupational therapy practitioners spend the $2.99 to buy the app?
Abbey: For pediatric occupational therapists, I would not. You will likely only be able to use it with a select few clients.

AOTA: Did you test the app with any clients or children? If so, how did they react to the app?
Abbey: No. During the 2 weeks that I was testing the app, I did not have any children on my caseload whose skills matched those required for successful app play.

AOTA: Will you continue using the app? Why or why not?
Abbey: No. I don’t have enough clients who can benefit.

AOTA: If you are currently using apps in the clinic, what is your favorite app?
Abbey: I am a big fan of “I Write Words” for letter tracing. I find this app to be forgiving for children with lower visual motor integration skills, fun, and interactive.

Get more information about P.O.V. here.

Disclaimer: AOTA was provided with a promotional code to download this app. AOTA is not endorsing the app.