We knew that occupational therapy practitioners and students were interested in international work, but we were surprised to see so many of you vote, comment, and engage with our most recent 1-Minute Update poll! In fact, more than 80% of you said that you would like to practice OT overseas (whether during fieldwork, volunteer work, or living and working overseas). 

Are you interested in practicing occupational therapy in other countries?

In addition to having the most votes ever on a 1MU poll (nearly 1,400!), we also had more than 30 comments that ranged from your colleagues sharing their international OT experience to practitioners asking for advice to work overseas. Read them all here.  

Look for these results in the November 26 issue of OT Practice magazine, where we have a great feature article on practicing occupational therapy overseas. You won’t want to miss it! 

In the meantime, check out these resources we have about international OT: information for students interested in international fieldwork, a forum on OT Connections to connect with your colleagues about international OT, and AOTA’s International Interests page.    

Another timely international event to point out: World OT Day is Saturday, October 27! You can celebrate by volunteering your time for the OT Global Day of Service and participate in a 24 hour virtual exchange about OT  kicking off on October 29. 

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