We’re always trying to enhance the information and resources we provide members, and we want to make sure that our biweekly e-newsletter, the 1-Minute Update, is engaging and useful. In the last issue, we asked readers to tell us what they would like to read in the 1-Minute Update and the top three things you wanted to see were specific practice tips to use with clients, tech news such as apps recommendations, and quick and easy to understand evidence and research information. 

About 2 years ago we created three separate versions of the 1-Minute Update so that we can provide more specific news to our members. Readers of all three versions agreed that they would like to see the three things mentioned above, but differed on a few things. General version readers would like to see AOTA’s response or resources on current events; Children and Youth version readers would like to read news about what AOTA is working on; and Productive Aging version readers would like links to news articles that highlight occupational therapy. 

General version results:

Children & Youth version results:

Productive Aging version results:

We’ll use these results when developing the content for future issues of the 1-Minute Update. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts about the 1-Minute Update, shoot me an e-mail—I’m the editor of the 1-Minute Update and would love to hear your feedback. 

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