Pin-tastic: Pinning for Occupational Therapy!

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Pin-tastic: Pinning for Occupational Therapy!

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Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world…well, not the best, because I’m not an occupational therapy practitioner, but let’s say the second best. ;)

Case and point—I get to pin for work. 

I realize that you either get what I’m talking about or are completely confused. The Pinterest craze has reached new heights in recent weeks with millions of active users pinning images, resources, and articles to virtual pin boards. 

Want to learn more about Pinterest? Read our how to article for more information about the site and how to get started

AOTA is on Pinterest (follow us here!) and we’ve been populating our pin boards with a variety of resources for occupational therapy. The more time we’ve spent pinning (for work!) the more we realize the great possibilities for occupational therapy practitioners. Read some ideas we have for OT here

A few of our most popular boards are geared toward information for consumers or clients such as our developmental activities for children board and our active aging board. Take our idea and create your own client-oriented boards. You can repin things you find on Pinterest or you can search the Web for new resources to pin. Even better? Create your own content to pin! You can take some pictures of OT activities or tips and pin it to your boards. Write a good pin description so users will learn more about the profession. If you do this, let us know in the comments (or @ mention us in the pin) so we can like or repin it!

So are you on Pinterest? Have you found some great ways for OTs to use the site? Tell me in the comments. To comment, please log in to OT Connections (it's free to join!).

  •   has a ton of pins for fine motor ideas I have accumulated and often give to parents :)