Hippotherapy and Cerebral Palsy Study (And a great video!)

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Hippotherapy and Cerebral Palsy Study (And a great video!)

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Animal lovers will like this topic—today we’re talking about the efficacy of hippotherapy. Some occupational therapy practitioners work with horses as a modality to help clients improve stability.

AOTA member Tim Shurtleff from Washington University recently did a research study with children with cerebral palsy to see if participating in hippotherapy improves trunk and head stability. They tested children’s trunk and head stability before they started occupational therapy at Ride On St. Louis and then after. They found that the children’s stability improved, and are now looking to do more extensive research studies to see if they can replicate the findings.

The best part of all of this? There’s a video!

And there are horses and kids in it! 

Check out the video below (or watch it here on Youtube).  

I loved the 3D model that showed the child’s improvement after the therapy. What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments. To comment, please log in to OT Connections (it's free to join!).


  • thankyou so much for sharing this WOW!

  • nice to have some data...we know it works.

  • Great to see hope more kids can bennifit soon.