The American version of the award-winning BBC television series “Employable Me” needs our help with its latest casting call. Occupational therapy practitioners are invited to submit clients (with permission), or encourage clients to apply for the documentary which follows the journey toward sustained employment despite living with a neurological condition.

"Employable Me" follows people with autism, Aspergers, blindness, deafness, stroke survivors,  and those living with other neurological conditions like Tourette Syndrome as they look for meaningful, long-term employment. The job-seekers selected to appear on the documentary series will be encouraged to unlock their hidden talents with the help of experts, doctors, and neurological specialists so they find the job that best suits their unique skill sets and strengths and creates a sense of purpose in their life. The show follows the job-seekers during this process.

Requirements: Must be over 21 years of age, be actively looking for work (usually for more than one year), be unemployed at the time of application, and have a neurological condition that they perceive to be hindering their ability to get full time, long-term employment.

If the episode includes one of your clients, the producers will be careful to explain how occupational therapy has helped the individual with their ADLs and achieving other goals up to this point.

“Our current search is for people who have neurological conditions who manifest incredible intelligence that, to-date, has not been appreciated properly by potential employers,” said Liz Alderman, casting director for the American version of the BBC program.

To view clips from previous British episodes, visit For more information and to apply, visit or contact Liz Alderman at

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