It's been a while since my last post (but I hope this makes up for it!). I’m pleased to (finally!) share our media relations summary for AOTA’s National School Backpack Awareness Day, which was celebrated on Sept. 18 this year. Interested reporters kept spokesperson Karen Jacobs busy this year and the hard work shows in the results.

Here is the breakdown of this year’s media coverage:

  • 106 stories were placed in 104 news outlets across the U.S.
  • Outlets with page views between 1 million and 9.9 million: 32
  • Outlets with page views of more than 10 million: 7
  • Total Estimated Page Views: 1,030,765,876 (1.1 Billion)
  • Total Estimated Unique Visitors: 67,355,535 (67 Million)

Some highlights from top tier news outlets (>6 million page views):

How to choose a backpack for your child (Washington Post): 126,481 page views

Back to School: Forward thinking in backpacks (Pioneer Press): 6,801,028 page views

Back to School: Forward thinking in backpacks (San Jose Mercury-News): 9,506,723 page views

Start the year right with a backpack that fits (Consumer Reports): 32,931,124 page views

Buy the best backpack for your child (Consumer Reports): 32,931,124 page views

Think ahead on backpacks (San Antonio Express-News): 7,627,836 page views

Throwing on the best pack for back-to-school style (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review): 10,326,263 page views

How to pick a backpack for your child (The Star-Tribune): 19,789,520 page views

Heavy backpacks can lead to serious injury (Omaha World-Herald): 6,402,431 page views

Lighten Up: Backpack Awareness Day offers users tips for better health (The Star-Ledger): 24,758,022 page views

More teens report pain from heavy backpacks (The Today Show, NBC Universal): 670,149,291 page views

Backpack check: How much weight are you carrying? (The Republican): 7,419,023 page views

Choosing the right backpack (Kentucky Enquirer): 6,657,412 page views

Part of this campaign’s success is thanks to our social media plan which targeted health care, education, and pediatric/children’s issues journalists across the U.S. Through Twitter, (@AOTAIncPR, #BackpackAwarenessDay) tweets were sent throughout the summer school supply-buying season through the start of the schoolyear containing tips for parents in search of new school backpacks. In addition, 17 tweets were sent on Sept. 18 with information about healthy ergonomics when carrying backpacks, briefcases, and purses. We used Facebook to highlight OT activities and pinned more than 30 news stories to AOTA’s Backpack Awareness Day and OT in the News boards on Pinterest.

Mark your calendar! AOTA’s National School Backpack Awareness Day is held annually on the third Wednesday in September. The 2014 awareness day is set for Sept. 17. For more information about planning an event, to print materials, or to share ideas, visit AOTA’s Backpack Day web page.If you are interested in seeing the entire 106-story report, email and I’d be happy to share that with you.