Came across this interactive graphic tracking health care spending—who pays and how much it costs—from 1960 to 2011.

This graphic, published by the California HealthCare Foundation, is a companion to their Health Care Costs 101 report.  As the report shows there have been major shifts in how we pay for hospital care, physician services, long term care, prescription drugs, and other services and products.  The graphic provides a visual into how the landscape has changed from before Medicare and Medicaid existed in 1960 to 2012 where a large percentage of health care is paid for through public insurance—including nearly all spending on home health care. 

Take a look at the report and play with the interactive graphic and see what conclusions you can draw.  Short of analyzing the data, I think the graphic and the report are very interesting pieces of information presented in a great visual way.  So go kill a few minutes and chart the evolution of health care spending over the past five decades.