The answer is...we still don't know. That may come as a surprise to those who are tuned in to the political rhetoric of congressional leaders. The Washington Post's Fact Checker clarified that statements made by both Democratic and Republican congressional leaders fail to account for the impossibility of knowing the precise number. 

I mentioned some of the challenges of coming up with an accurate number in a previous webinar. Among the many barriers are that state Medicaid programs, state health insurance marketplaces, and the federally-facilitated marketplace are all reporting enrollment at different times using varying criteria, that often doesn't take into account whether an enrollee is "newly insured." The truth is, with the open enrollment period lasting until the end of March, it could be many months before accurate estimates of the number of newly insured people in 2014 are available. 

Right now, I've seen estimates that the newly insured for 2014 nationally could be as low as about 1.5 million or as high as many times that. One thing is sure, almost 4 years after being signed into law, the Affordable Care Act will seemingly maintain its status as good political fodder for the foreseeable future.