A recent post on the blog post from Stateside Associates explains how new enrollees into Medicaid programs will impact state budgets:

"All states, regardless of whether they opted to enact expanded eligibility levels, will experience increases in enrollment and costs tied to increased participation among those currently eligible for Medicaid as a result of enrollment simplification and coordination with the new exchanges. However, expansion is not what will drive the costs associated with more currently eligible Medicaid enrollees. States will be required to pay the additional administrative costs as well as the higher share of coverage for eligible citizens outside the expansion who are not now enrolled but who would likely do so after the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate goes into effect in 2014."

The author suggests that "Non-expansion states are facing a surge of Medicaid enrollees and will continue to have large uninsured populations. Both categories will contribute to increased state spending. The resulting fiscal pressures will compel many non-expansion states to accept expansion and the associated federal dollars that come with it."

Read the full blog post online at: http://statesideassoc.wordpress.com/

This blog posting also draws attention to discussions about the number of people that have signed up for Obamacare.  As the numbers come across the wire, it will interesting to see how those figures are calculated.

The Advisory Board Company has article about this topic:

How many people have enrolled in the Obamacare exchanges? (information from 15 state based exchanges)

Chart: http://www.advisory.com/~/media/Advisory-com/Daily-Briefing/Primers/enrollment_tracker_800px_1018.jpg?h=538&w=460

It is important to note that this chart includes those that have signed up for insurance in the exchanges and those that have signed up for Medicaid.  For example, the chart indicates that in Washington state, 48,995 people have picked a plan.
The source document for that figure (press release - http://www.wahbexchange.org/news-resources/press-room/oct-28-data-release) includes this chart:

Enrollments Completed

Qualified Health Plans


Medicaid Newly Eligible/Coverage Jan. 1


Medicaid/Immediate coverage