Where does your state stand on ACA implementation?

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Recent developments regarding health care reform implementation including information about changes to the private health insurance market, Medicaid, and the health care delivery system that impact occupational therapy

Where does your state stand on ACA implementation?

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Two of the big decisions states have to make regarding ACA implementation are whether to expand Medicaid eligibility and whether to create and administer their own health insurance exchanges. Both decisions have implications for occupational therapy practitioners and consumers. In states that expand Medicaid eligibility, there will be more people newly insured, and therefore more potential consumers of occupational therapy services. In states that administer their own health insurance exchanges, there may be additional requirements of the health plans sold on those exchanges, and opportunities to influence the development of those requirements. For example, California decided to create its own exchange, called Covered California. Instead of allowing health plans to develop their own cost-sharing requirements (e.g.,deductibles and copays), the state specified what those requirements will be for different types of plans. In the future, as more states are likely to follow California's model of standardization, it will be important to ensure unreasonable cost-sharing requirements aren't enacted, preventing consumers from being able to access affordable occupational therapy services.

Because some states are still contemplating whether to expand Medicaid eligibility, and there are many variations of health insurance exchange design, it can be confusing to categorize each state. The following maps and charts attempt to do so.

Advisory Board Company Medicaid Map

Kaiser Family Foundation Medicaid and Exchange Chart

Commonwealth Fund Exchange Map