Interested in resources and suggestions to use with clients on the topic of Vision and Driving?  Check out this  free webinar sponsored by AARP and the American Optometric Association.  

Free Webinar 

Keep Your Safety in Sight: Prepare for the Effects of Aging Vision on Driving 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 3:00-4:00pm EDT 

As you age, your vision undergoes certain changes that can affect your driving and may increase your risk of being in an accident. This session, hosted jointly by the AARP Driving Safety Program and the American Optometric Association, will explore these changes and provide valuable information to keep you safe on the road. You’ll learn:

•    What changes in vision to expect with aging, including its effect on processing speed, blurred vision, problems seeing in low light or at night and reduced peripheral vision

•    How these changes can affect your driving

•    Practical tips and resources to help you prepare for and cope with vision and environmental driving changes 


•   Dr. Paul B. Freeman, Optometrist,   American Optometric Association

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Please let us know if you participated and if you found this format for learning useful.

Thanks!  Elin