Last night, House leadership readied a bill designed to avoid looming Medicare provider cuts set to take effect on April 1st. In addition to averting deep cuts, the bill would also extend the therapy cap exceptions process for twelve months.

House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have agreed on a path forward for the year-long patch but have indicated continued support for ongoing efforts to achieve permanent SGR reform.

During an earlier press conference Speaker Boehner emphasized, “That does not preclude any work from being done on the long-term fix… the permanent fix that’s being talked about is a good fix.”

The House expects to consider its patch bill tomorrow and all indications are that the Senate will follow suit ahead of the March 31st deadline.

Meanwhile, Finance Chairman, Senator Wyden, continues to press forward with plans to move his comprehensive reform bill that includes full therapy cap repeal, however, a floor vote has yet to be scheduled.