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  • Blog Post: Don't Forget! National Memory Screening Day is Nov. 15

    Tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 15, communities across the country are offering free, confidential memory screenings at more than 2,500 sites in the U.S. If you know someone who is concerned about memory loss and wants to get the benefits of early detection and intervention, encourage them to participate...
  • Blog Post: A look at basketball coach's early onset Alzheimer's

    News broke this week that legendary women’s college basketball coach, Pat Summitt, has early onset Alzheimer’s disease . The 59 year old University of Tennessee coach said she will continue to work this season with the help of her coaching staff. The story prompted many news outlets to take...
  • Blog Post: Celebrities deal with health issues

    We’re talking about celebrities today and I promise it’s not about the Royal Wedding. Discussing Alzheimer’s With Celebrities: Tune in! With 5.4 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s no wonder that the disease affects celebrities as well. This weekend,...