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  • Blog Post: Serendipity on the Hill

    What I found most satisfying during my recent visit to Capitol Hill was personally connecting with members of Congress and their legislative assistants. For example, I am still thrilled I was able to chat with Representative Jerry McNerney from the 11th District in California. My husband, John, is a...
  • Blog Post: Connecting With AOTPAC

    As the 2010 campaign season wraps up, I have a confession to make: I was an occupational therapist for nearly 30 years before I gave my first donation to AOTPAC, the AOTA Political Action Committee. That is because back then I did not understand the direct connection between PAC donations and support...
  • Blog Post: Attending My State Association Meeting—OTAC’s 35th Birthday Celebration

    I recently attended the Annual Meeting of the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) and joined in the celebration of its 35 th birthday. Yes, OTAC was formally incorporated in 1976 and now, in 2012, 750 participants attended the meeting. And what a great occasion it was! As AOTA President...