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Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS)?

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Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS)?

  •  I am seeking input - is it a 3 day course? Is it expensive? Did you find it useful /complimentary to your OT practice? Do you add the CAPS letters to your OTR/L? Pros? Cons?

  • Hey Meredith, for what it's worth, several years ago, I considered CAPS but decided there isn't enough referral sources or volume to justify the certification. Of course, this doesn't mean you or anyone else can't benefit from the certificate. I was in private practice at the time.


  • Hi Meredith, 

    I completed the CAPS coursework 3 years ago.  For me, the biggest benefit was the networking with the building/construction professionals and learning their perspectives for the aging in place client.  My class was filled with builders, remodelers, manufacturers/suppliers, designers and real estate agents.  I am hearing now that there are less builders/remodelers going to the courses and typically other professionals outside of the building industry.  

    Here is the website for more information:  


    Good Luck!

    Deb Young

  • Thankyou! I been able to speak with some others who have taken the CAPs courses and they found them valuable to make realistic suggestions to people wanting to consider universal design and aging in place - which can be tricky on limited income which many people are on . As people get re-admitted to the hospital, we consider safe discharge plan and so far the choices seem to fall between home, home with help, home with someone else, IPR, SNF, ALF, AFH. As their condition changes and declines it would be nice if we knew specific options that they could have for re-modeling their home in case they wanted to stay there with their compromised health and independence.