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AOTA book list price

  • I've been wondering for some time why the AOTA member list price for a book (say, Occupational Therapy for Children 2nd Edition, $72.95) is the same list price (excluding discounts) as we would find at Barnes & Noble and Amazon? It looks like books at the AOTA store are not discounted for AOTA members and the price would go up for non-members (e.g. to $103.50 the same book mentioned above.) I've supported the AOTA store by purchasing books/materials before, I'm just looking for clarification.

    Rudy Mijares

  • Hello Rudy--

    You have perfect timing with your question, as we have been working on the 2011 AOTA Products catalog, and our offerings of books and CE has been on my mind.

    When I first came to AOTA 8 years ago, the number of current AOTA Press titles was small, and we were unable to keep up with the demand for information. To better serve our members, we worked to create "one-stop shopping," adding to our list by providing books and assessments from other publishers that our members were requesting either by title or by topic.

    We thought of restricting selling these books to AOTA members only but found that a few nonmembers still wanted to purchase from AOTA, even at a higher price. And the publishers were understandably uncomfortable with us selling their books at a lower price than they were in their own catalogs and stores.

    After building a good business relationship with the publishers over the past few years, we are happy to say that one has recently agreed to test  providing a lower price to AOTA members on their books.

    As the entire industry moves to providing books online, either in their entirety or by chapter, we expect changes again with how occupational therapy content is delivered. It is an exciting time to work in publishing--and in occupational therapy.

    I hope that answers your question, and thank you for your support!



  • Thank you Chris for your prompt and satisfactory reply.  It is good to know that we are making some progress with lowering the list price for AOTA members for some books from certain publishers. Right now I am enjoying audiobooks which I find much easier to remember than just from reading. I am hoping that someday, we'll have some of the OT texts in audiobooks:-)

    Thanks again,



  • Hello Chris,

    I don't want to forget about our purchasing non-members. Right now they are paying at least 40% more on books (e.g. for the book mentioned above) They may be willing to pay that amount but I personally think that is too much mark-up especially for our profession that is guided by fairness and justice. Our AOTA store also says "30% discount on top books" but in reality, no one is getting a discount right now, not the AOTA members, as we already established, nor the non-members since they are potentially paying 40% more. I think that "30% discount on top books" could be somewhat misleading.

    Thank you so much Chris fand for everybody at AOTA store for all that you do.


    Rudy Mijares

  • Hello Rudy--

    Your comments echo what we believe here as well. We are working to bring all prices to a fair level--for authors and their royalties, for us as the investor in developing and producing the content, and for customers and members--and are watching very closely how the trade book industry is faring with the "itunes model" for electronic pricing, which ultimately will affect their print prices. What happens there will drive what happens in the scholarly and professional publishing world, especially once "there is an app for that."

    AOTA members are receiving discounts on AOTA Press products and AOTA CE, as we do control how those products are structured and priced.

    One option for our consignment products is to eliminate the nonmember purchasing ability, as you may have noticed on some assessments that we carry.

    I'm off for a few days to the first AOTA Specialty Conference on Autism and would be pleased to talk with you again any time on the AOTA Press business model.


  • Hi Chris,

    You have effectively answered all of my concerns in my original post. I should have been there at the AOTA-specialty seminar as I also work with children with autism and their families, I'm sure you'll enjoy the speakers, or maybe you're one of them:-)

    Best regards and more power to you,  the AOTA store, and staff.

    Rudy Mijares


  • Hi there Chris,

    I was looking at this post from 2 years ago because I'm interested in selling some used books that other OT's or students might be interested in buying. Do you think that the AOTA online store might be interested in selling used books as well? 

    It could benefit all parties - seller, OT enthusiast consumer, and the AOTA store.

    Please let me know.



  • If you can find kindle or ePub books, I'm pretty sure the devices can read them out loud to you - if not the most human sounding voice, it's much better than it used to be.

  • Hello Naomi--

    Indeed, AOTA Press has looked into buying, warehousing, and reselling used books. It is a rapidly growing area in today's publishing world.

    However, it seems that, from our research, to be the most profitable business, one needs to sell not only one type of book, such as occupational therapy, but be able to purchase and sell many types of books, for example, all textbooks or all first or signed editions.

    In this way, the economies of scale would allow us to afford the storage and shipping costs while keeping prices affordable. Our focus on only the OT market does keep us from wading into this type of business model, at least at the moment.

    But we are watching closely any new developments in this area and will consider it in the future if it looks like it might be workable.

    Thank you for your suggestion!


    Chris Davis

    Director, AOTA Press

    301-652-6611, ext. 2653