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British Student Seeking Fieldwork in WA

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British Student Seeking Fieldwork in WA

  • Hi,

    I am in the first year of a three year Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Derby in England, which I am really enjoying. I would like to take up a fieldwork opportunity in the summer break of my first or second academic year, and I am looking for any practitioner in the Marysville/Everett area of Washington State who would be able to help with this. If you are able to help in any way, please get in touch.

    Many thanks


  • Helen,

    I'm originally from Marysville, WA but am currently in an OT program in Memphis, TN. I spent time in 2008 as a therapy aide at Providence Regional Medical Center.

    They had great OT's during the time I was there- I would recommend looking into that! I worked on the rehab floor of the Pacific campus in Everett, WA. It's only about a 15 minute drive from Marysville.


    Good luck!