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AOTA Advanced and Specialty Certification

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I am hoping to submit my application for Physical Rehabiliation in June 2012. 

I have a question on using the Learning- Formal (#10) in the Activity Catagory. I assume that I should write in my professional reflection a description of how each learning course is consistent with the criteria for that specific competency right?  Then the details for the course needed for required evidence would be on the PDF document attached.  Is this correct?   

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  • Hello-

    Probably you are further along in your application process and portfolio development. Are you going to conference? There are always representatives there from AOTA's Board and Specialty Certification board to answer questions.

    With any of your professional activities (like Learning-Formal) you will want to demonstrate (that is, write in the reflection) why this activity was the best way for you to demonstrate meeting a specific competency.

    Then you are also required to submit the evidence required for each activity as specified.

    And, right, all if it is electronic, so your application & evidence becomes a PDF. Good luck!