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  • Blog Post: Advocacy in Action

    Yesterday (June 14th), I took some post professional students from Misericordia University to Capitol Hill to experience advocacy first hand. We had meetings and covered the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Michigan with our message and had great results! June 14th was also...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Presentations

    Today, I enjoyed connecting via Skype with a group of practitioners and students from Southwestern Missouri regarding what is happening on Capitol Hill, health care reform implementation and advocacy. I love being able to connect with practitioners across the country using the technology at our fingertips...
  • Blog Post: Hill Visits = Success

    I've just returned to Michigan after spending the last couple of days in Washington DC on Capitol Hill having meetings regarding the therapy cap, OT mental health act, and home health flexibility act. The focus of these meetings was to get in front of the leadership of the key committees and Chiefs...
  • Blog Post: Facebook Movement on the Therapy Caps....Join the Effort Today!

    If your on facebook join AOTA's effort to STOP the Medicare Therapy Caps! Search the group Stop the Medicare Therapy Cap and join the social networking movement. This is a place where we can share stories and strategies to help Stop the Therapy Cap. It is open to all people who want to make sure...
  • Blog Post: AOTPAC Chair Blog - Emerging Leaders Hill Visits 2012

    There is a great group of Emerging Leaders ready to take on Capitol Hill this Wednesday, January 11th! We have 25 offices that will be visited by some of our 2012 Emerging Leaders cohort, sharing the message about occupational therapy. What a great time to hit the Hill and develop the relationships necessary...