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January, 2012

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User Blogs
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AOTPAC Chair Blog

A way to see how AOTPAC is a vital part of the AOTA advocacy/public policy agenda and the role it plays in your practice.
  • Hill Visits = Success

    I've just returned to Michigan after spending the last couple of days in Washington DC on Capitol Hill having meetings regarding the therapy cap, OT mental health act, and home health flexibility act. The focus of these meetings was to get in front...
  • Thank you

    On behalf of the AOTPAC Board of Directors I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to the AOTA Membership for coming together to work toward a common goal. Thanks to the support of the membership AOTPAC achieved their 2011 Fundraising goal! More...
  • Launching the AOTPAC Student Challenge - A New Approach

    Thanks to fabulous coordinating and leadership by the ASD Steering Committee we are trying a new approach to getting the word out about the AOTPAC Student Challenge. We held a brief conference call this evening where schools from around the country dialed...
  • AOTPAC Chair Blog - Emerging Leaders Hill Visits 2012

    There is a great group of Emerging Leaders ready to take on Capitol Hill this Wednesday, January 11th! We have 25 offices that will be visited by some of our 2012 Emerging Leaders cohort, sharing the message about occupational therapy. What a great time...