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AOTA Annual Conference in Houston

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AOTA Annual Conference in Houston

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Greetings from Houston!

AOTA's annual conference is off to a great start.  It is so fun to see practitioners and students from near and far coming to support their national association and advance their practice while networking with colleagues.

AOTPAC's conference fundraising efforts are off to a great start.  Yesterday we kicked off our fundraising here in Houston with the Assembly of Student Delegate talking about Occupational Therapy's Time to Lead in the health policy arena.  The Assembly of Student Delegates again showed their enthusiaism and support of AOTPAC with 100% of those in attendance contributing to AOTPAC raising a total of $3,668.  I am confident our profession will thrive with the commitment of this next generation of practitioners.

The booth has been steady today and we are working toward our goal of $30,000 for conference.  We started the day at just under $8,000 so stay tuned to our progress toward our conference goal! 


  • Keep us posted on how you're doing with meeting that $30,000 goal!