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  • Blog Post: Talk to the hand

    http://IGMproducts.com & http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com - Visit the Learning Center for more great articles! from Financial Mail Hand pain and strain are at a record high because of the time we now spend in front of a computer. But there is much we can do to avoid surgery,...
  • Blog Post: ValueRays® Mouse Hand Warmer celebrates April 2009 Occupational Therapy Month

    http://IGMproducts.com & http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com Solve painful, cold mouse hand problems with infrared healing heated computer devices. Join the American Occupational Therapy Association's April 2009 celebration. Occupational Therapy Month month is right around the corner...
  • Blog Post: Repetitive Strain Injury, Cumulative Trauma Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Infrared Heat Therapy

    Anna Miller, ValueRays® USB Heated Ergonomic Computer Accessories http://IGMproducts.com & http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com Warm Mouse - Heated Mouse Pad - Heated Computer Keyboard - Mouse Hand Warmer® ************ Don't laugh, there's a list of new, warm, USB infrared...