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  • Blog Post: Talk to the hand

    http://IGMproducts.com & http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com - Visit the Learning Center for more great articles! from Financial Mail Hand pain and strain are at a record high because of the time we now spend in front of a computer. But there is much we can do to avoid surgery,...
  • Blog Post: FREE product review: Mouse Hand Warmer products from IGMproducts.com

    Dear OT Connections Members: As a member of the AOTA, I am seeking professionals to test and review my products free of charge . I invented an OT support tool for hand injuries. It was introduced to the market in October 2008. It is designed to help heal the pain associated with computer mouse...
  • Blog Post: ValueRays® Heated Computer Keyboard: Ergonomic warm wrist pad provides support

    http://IGMproducts.com & http://www.Warm-Mouse-Heated-Keyboard.com * * * * * Do your OT clients complain of cold hands? Stiff joints? Hand pain? Do they suffer with wrist pain when using the computer keyboard? Maybe they need a computer keyboard warming wrist support pad . Heated ergonomic...