Hello friends!   Just one week until the voting window for the AOTA election begins, so this is my last blog before the election begins about my experience and qualities to carry out the key functions of the office of Treasurer.

Another essential function of the AOTA Treasurer is service on the Board of the Fund to Promote Awareness of Occupational Therapy. I would be thrilled to serve on this Board as I absolutely think that the efforts to promote the profession of Occupational Therapy are so important to realization of the Centennial Vision. Realization of the Vision is dependent on funding as funding will empower AOTA to bring in the marketing expertise we need to create public understanding of occupational therapy. Funding supports advocacy that will ensure establishment of necessary reimbursement streams. Funding connects all AOTA members – scientists, practitioners, educations, and students – so that our efforts are aligned and therefore powerful.

My state occupational therapy association (the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association) has enthusiastically included the AOTA Centennial Vision as a keynote or breakout session for our annual conference every year since 2005. As a “champion for the Vision”, I have been involved in most of the presentations and enjoy spreading the word about this exciting time in our profession. A colleague and I created a special countdown to the Centennial Vision that you can see on our Association website at http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?msg=AOTA%20Centennial%20Celebration&fg1=ea0606&p0=184&year=2017&month=1&day=1&hour=0&min=0&sec=0.

Every practitioner and student benefits from the Fund to Promote Awareness of Occupational Therapy and I have a few ideas of targeted efforts for increasing the giving for the Fund. I enjoy thinking of ways to increase awareness of the importance of contributing to the Association, and one of my ideas was discussed by the AOTA Board. I submitted a motion – Project $20.17 – specifically designed for funds dedicated to the activities of the Centennial Vision.

My ideas, energy, and enthusiasm will be a benefit to my service to the Board of the Fund to Promote Awareness of Occupational Therapy. I appreciate your support and would be honored to serve as the Treasurer of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Follow me on TWITTER @OTSusanT.