Hello friends!   Just three weeks until the voting window for the AOTA election begins, so over the next three weeks I will be blogging about my experience and qualities to carry out the key functions of the office of Treasurer.

Another essential function of the AOTA Treasurer is leadership as Chairperson of the budgetary planning and fiscal management process, Chairperson of the audit committee, and service to the Ethics Commission. My work experience in leading and chairing committees along with the steadfastness and variety of my volunteer service and respect of teamwork at national, state, and local levels illustrates my skills and passion for continued service and leadership for the profession.

My service to AOTA began early in my career and I have served as Oklahoma’s representative or alternative representative in the Representative Assembly for a total of 19 years including two elected leadership roles (Credentials Review and Accountability Committee Chair and Recognitions Committee Chair) which I have enjoyed immensely. I am currently serving as a member of the Volunteer Leadership Development Committee which is an action based group working to connect members of AOTA with leadership opportunities.

Attention to detail, persistence, enthusiasm, and endurance are critical attributes that I could apply in chairing these committees required of the AOTA Treasurer. As a past Credentials Review and Accountability Chair for the Representative Assembly I managed the details of ensuring that all seated members of the Assembly were properly credentialed. As the past Recognitions Chair for AOTA, I led the committee to solicit and encourage nominations and organized the careful review method for reading and scoring each nomination in the competitive process. Through my involvement with the Representative Assembly, I have a good understanding of the role and value of the Ethics Commission. I have seen the importance of the ethics education provided by the Committee in response to member needs, inquiries, and ethical trends; and I appreciate the process by which the Committee reviews and investigates ethics complaints filed against AOTA members.

My service has also been important to me at the state level with the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association (OKOTA), serving as treasurer, newsletter editor, and as chair of the administration/management special interest section. My service as treasurer of OKOTA built a foundation of understanding of the budgetary planning and fiscal management process which will prepare me well for this position with AOTA.

Outside the profession, I focus my service on state agencies that affect my position as a College administrator, serving on the Oklahoma Health Care Work Force Center, the Oklahoma Hospital Association, the Oklahoma Health Careers Council, and the Metropolitan Library Commission. My passion for service also has me involved in leadership on the Praise and Worship Team at my church (Jones Oklahoma United Methodist Church) and as a county captain in the Oklahoma City Running Club.

The skills I have demonstrated in being attentive to detail, organized, persistent, and enthusiastic will be a benefit to serving on committees. I also have several CPA friends who will be great mentors to me in this capacity to the budgetary planning, fiscal management, and audit committee. I appreciate your support and would be honored to serve as the Treasurer of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Follow me on TWITTER @OTSusanT.