Hello friends! What a great time to be a member of the profession! The next three to five years are critical in guiding our profession and addressing the major issues in fulfilling the AOTA Centennial Vision. The Association leadership is in a unique position to impact the profession by overseeing the exciting process of preparing for the 100th anniversary of occupational therapy and aligning the Association’s goals and objectives to guide the membership in realizing the Vision. A priority will be to build AOTA membership as there is tremendous power in unity. AOTA membership dues provide the revenue base for the marketing expertise we need to create public understanding of occupational therapy. AOTA membership dues provide the funding for advocacy that will ensure that the necessary reimbursement streams are established. And AOTA membership connects all of us – practitioners, educators, scientists, and students – so that our efforts are aligned and therefore powerful.

It has been my privilege to serve in various volunteer leadership positions for AOTA and I am passionate about continuing my service at this exhilarating time in our profession. I have previous experience as my state association (Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association) Treasurer and am responsible for budgets in my current position as Assistant Dean with the College of Allied Health at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. I am organized, attentive to detail, creative, team oriented, and committed, and I would be honored to serve as the Treasurer of the American Occupational Therapy Association. I would appreciate your vote and encourage you to share my messages with your OT friends.

Watch for my blogs on OT Connections about my experience and qualities to carry out the key functions of the office of Treasurer and follow me on TWITTER @OTSusanT.