You have probably noticed (since so many of you participated)—for the past month AOTA collaborated with five occupational therapy associations around the world to promote occupational therapy via social media.

AOTA partnered with organizations in Canada, U.K., Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. During the past 4 weeks, several of these groups celebrated their “OT Weeks,” October is OT Month in Canada, and World OT Day was October 25. It was the perfect time for international collaboration!

We selected a hashtag for each week during the month to help start international conversations about the profession. There were 2,300 tweets for the #whatisOT hashtag, 660 tweets for #becauseofOT, 770 tweets for #proud2bOT, and 2,600 tweets for #OTW13.

Although most of our efforts focused on Twitter, we also shared the hashtags on Facebook. AOTA’s posts on Facebook about the international collaboration reached 190,000 people and resulted in 360 comments. We had such a successful (and fun!) time, that I put together this Storify to show some of the highlights from our international conversations.

Check out the Storify here.