NEWLY RELEASED!!!  NHTSA produced a series of short videos to show how different medical conditions common among older drivers can impact driving abilities. These videos include on-the-road examples of how driving may be affected with clear messages of "What actions to take" and "How to stay safe". Occupational therapist Miriam Monahan, MS, OTR/L, CDRS, CDI was the expert consultant who helped NHTSA identify and depict the important problem behaviors to show in the videos.

These videos highlight impairment related to medical conditions- the Medically-at-Risk driver.  Our message needs to be clear.  The concern is not "age" alone, it is diminished function.  These videos offer a brief but powerful demonstration of what is meant by diminished function.  And, importantly, the focus of each video's message is on "what we can do" to keep drivers safe.  These videos highlight occupational therapy's opportunity and duty to address the IADL of driving and community mobility when working with the medically-at-risk driver (or potential driver).  Don't act alone!  The AOTA Driver Safety Website offers a wealth of resources, links and a database of driver rehabilitation specialists available to support practitioners striving to develop pathways for access to driver rehabilitation services.  Begin today by watching these videos and expand how you address the IADL of Driving and Community Mobility.  Ensure your clients receive the information they deserve.  

Take a look at these videos today!

Note: these NHTSA videos are available for your use.  You are encouraged to include any or all of these videos in academic lectures, public seminars and individual sessions with clients who may be facing similar challenges. These videos are intended to facilitate action.  They are about safety and access to specialized services dedicated to keeping drivers safely on the road whenever possible.  

And can I ask a favor?  Please forward this link to at least one practitioner ... as a profession we need to step up and spread the word!

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