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  • Forum Thread: level ii fieldwork specific goals

    I'm about to do my first acute hospital placement. What are appropriate goals for this level? All my peers did their hospital placements first year, so their goals were less ambitious. I've been struggling writing my learning contract. I will be in a rural hospital that sees a bit of everything...
  • Forum Thread: Religious Exemption

    I am a new AFWC and have recently been asked by an incoming student if we have a religious exemption form regarding immunizations. More than 95% of our fieldwork contract require proof of immunity and Hep B vaccines. Has anyone encountered this same situation and if so, what was your course of action...
  • Forum Thread: FW2 at St. Luke's in Houston, TX

    Hi! I am starting my first FW2 at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston next week and am starting to freak out a little! Our school has never had a contract with them before, so we don't know anything about the hospital or the therapists and I was just wondering if anyone has ever been...
  • Forum Thread: Colorado Children's Hospital FW II

    I am looking for any information about previous experience at the Colorado Children's Hospital for Level II Fieldwork. Please share any experiences you have had at this site. Our school has never sent anyone here before and I am curious as to the type of learning experience I will have! Thanks...
  • Forum Thread: New York Burn Center: Fieldwork II

    Hello, My name is Sophia, and I am an OT student in VA looking to do my Fieldwork II back home in New York City, in a burn center. Would anyone have contacts or leads to burn centers in NY? Any help and guidance would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you, Sophia
  • Forum Thread: Fieldwork Options in the Military?

    I'm a first year student in a MOT program in Tennessee. We are choosing level II fieldwork placements for next year and I would love to, if possible, go to a military base. I've heard of OT jobs, active duty and civilian, on bases but I'm not aware of the possibility of fieldwork. Does anyone...
  • Forum Thread: New Fieldwork Guide From AOTA Press!

    Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Survival Guide: A Student Planner, 2nd Edition By Bonnie Napier, EdD, MRA, OTR/L The transition from academic work to a clinical focus that occurs during Level II fieldwork can be both exciting and challenging. This new handbook and self-organizer reviews topics such...
  • Forum Thread: Fieldwork Choices

    Hi Everyone! I am in the process of choosing where I want to go for fieldwork. I have not really chosen what areas of OT I want to go into yet. I was wondering what settings would be good choices since I am only able to choose two places and to help me decide what area I may be interested in?
  • Forum Thread: Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago

    Has anyone done any volunteering or fieldwork (Level 1 or 2) at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago? How was your experience there? Did you have adequate supervision?
  • Forum Thread: Housing Assistance in Seattle Area for my LIIFW at Harborview Medical Center

    Hi OT Community, I will be starting my LIIFW on June 2, 2014 in Seattle, WA at Harborview Medical Center. I chose HMC because it is a large trauma center, and I wanted to learn a lot about the medical/acute side of OT. HMC is fast-paced, a teaching hospital, and an important healthcare institution...
  • Forum Thread: Level II Fieldwork Presentation

    I'm in the process of developing ideas for a presentation/in service that I am required to give at my Level II FW site. I am currently at a SNF/rehab facility, although the presentation will also be for acute, TCU, and outpatient clinicians. If anyone has any ideas as to what to present on, that...
  • Forum Thread: Student Fieldwork Inservice - SCI

    I am required to do an inservice for the therapy team at the inpatient rehab hospital I am currently at. I am supposed to find a more current topic to discuss related to SCI. I could also discuss anything relevant to CVA, TBI, Ortho, or Peds. I am having a difficult time finding topics that are new and...
  • Forum Thread: Publication with models and frames of reference

    Is there a publication out there that has descriptions of models and frames of reference? I would love it to just contain this information, but if it has more that's great too.
  • Forum Thread: Level II Fieldwork in Neurorehabilitation & Mental Health in PA, MD, or surrounding areas

    I am an OTA student. I will be ready to begin level II fieldwork May 2015. I am interested in obtaining level II placement for physical rehabilitation on a neuro team (brain injury, progressive neuro conditions, SCI, etc.). Additionally, I am interested in obtaining level II placement for psychosocial...